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Currency [0] >Eingabe ?Ergebnis@Erklrender TextAExplanatory TextBGut CInput ENeutral$Neutral"Normal FNotiz GOutputH$Percent ISchlecht JTotalPVerknpfte ZelleSWarnender TextT Warning TextUZelle berprfenK berschriftL berschrift 1M berschrift 2N berschrift 3O berschrift 4XTableStyleMedium2PivotStyleLight16`GSheet1~xSheet2zSheet3 11 vMonteliusEntryRThis program converts the output of Theodolite measurements directly to dxf-Files. SPS2Serion Theo2AutoCadHarris Matrix program 14C-Data to Oxcal 14i-Jobs with Sequencing!New Programm to describe in ExcelProgram to convert data from different rectangular "Excel-like" data structures into WinSerion format. Almost all data present in every day s life of an archaeologist can be converted. Like data from archaeology, human biology, zoology, botany, archaeo-metallurgy etc. Metric values are converted by applying mono- and polyvariate cluster analysis, where the number of groups can be preselected. Background format is a multi-tabbed Excel file. It is also used to convert the format of Image database Montelius into WinSerion format.Join Excel files 64BitUThe same as above, but in full Unicode with usage of Flexcel instead of XLSReadWrite.WebLogAnalyzer!Mapping programm using GoogleMapsThis program conducts geocoding for all sites of image database Montelius. At first each site is searched and verified with GoogleMaps. Then all sites are automatically geocoded, thus means that coordinates are provided for coordinates file for all sites. Export Coordinates 64 BitSGoogleMapper produces maps with GoogleMaps. Data of different kind can be mapped: 1) Statistical information about Image Database Montelius like all sites from cultures, countries and publications. 2) Distribution of archaeological types, single maps, compound maps. 3) Data from Weblog analysis.4) Result of Analysis of N Next Neighbours. WinSerion7Browser for Image database Montelius on Harddisk 64 BitSeveral functions cooperate with Harris. E.g. it checks that all reported Harris relations concern only graves which are nearby on the cemetery map.Harris Matrix program 64 Bit program checks which programs of Serion Ltd Suite are installed on the computer. It then checks, which versions are installed and which version are available. Then it gives possibility to update to newer versions, one by one.SERION12(Mapping programm using GoogleMaps 64 BitHarrisFunctions0Quick Input into Image Database Montelius 64 Bit GoogleMapperConvert to WinSerion formatMonteliusEditorSheetsUniFlexcel@Export Coordinates from MonteliusEntryGoogleCode to GoogleMapper1.0.0.820Browser for Image database Montelius on Harddisk;Several Functions for queries with Image Database MonteliusMonteliusFunctions1.0.0.632Join selected Excel files to one output Excel fileMConverts PDF to Tiff, so that figures or plates can be used by MonteliusEntryRename multiple Files 64 BitRenameMultipleFilesInAtoZMonteliusEditorSheets 07.11.2013#Editor for Image Database MonteliusDXE8 JoinExcelC14toSequencingProgram for evaluation of archaeological data. All kinds of seriations are possible from Petrification to Correspondence analysis. Spatial evaluations are done with "Analysis of the N Next Neighbors". Results are provided in different formats. All graphics are available in EPS-Vector format. Results of Reciprocal Averaging and Correspondence Analysis are also available in WMF-Vector format and in a 3D-Rotation on screen. All input data for WinSerionare provided by SPS2Serion.6Change FileNames in Image database Montelius globally.(New Programm to describe in Excel 64 BitThis program was mainly developed to present the results of weblog analysis on GoogleMaps. The Program delivers output in GoogleMapper format.Legal CopyRightDXE42Editor for Image Database Montelius UniCode 64 Bit Serion Ltd Same as above, but with 64 Bits. ExportMaps CompanyName$Analyze Weblog for GoogleMaps 64 Bit Theodolithe data to DXF 64 Bit&Harris Matrix program functions 64 Bit Programm Package for ArchaeologistsAnalyze Weblog for GoogleMaps)Quick Input into Image Database Montelius"Convert to WinSerion format 64 BitConvert PDF to Tiff PDF to Tiff 64 BitThis program shows the images of Imagedatabase Montelius in the image structure on the Hard disk. It allows also jumping automatically to the scans if the images shall be checked.Long DescriptionRename multiple Files Harris-Matrix program. It can read format from ArchEd, but also contains its proprietary format in Excel. It has some features especially designed for the evaluation of overlay of graves in a cemetery. For the presentation of the matrix a simple algorithm is implemented. We also plan to use in future the "Sugiyama" algorithm, which benefits the overall improvement of the matrix layout, optimized for the reduction of crossings of the connection lines of the stratigraphical units. Most important will be the co-operation with results from WinSerion. On one side seriation results can be shown in the Harris-Matrix, on the other side strata information can be used in seriations or mappings. Peter StadlerJoin Excel files 32Bit 14C-Data to Oxcal Jobs 64 Bit?GeoCode site names for Image Database Montelius with GoogleMapsConvert 14C-Data to Oxcal JobsHarris Matrix program functions@The following queries are currently available: ImagesMissing: Here all images from the image database are listed, which do not exist. Orphans: Here all images from the image database are listed, which do not exist in the Excel-files. Images: This is a complete listing of all images, which exist together with their lines in Excel-files. CoordinatesByCultureByQuote: This is a list of all sites sorted after Culture and Quote. CoordinatesByCulture: This is a list sites sorted after Cultures. Coordinates: This is list of all sites sorted alphabetically. CoordinatesByQuote: This is a list of all sites sorted after quotes. Quotes: This is a list of literature already entered into Montelius. Furthermore there exists the possibility to rename quotes or site names globally in the image data structure as well as in the Excel-Files.QImage database for typology with currently implemented 7 different views on the image data: Complex view is similar to the way most publications present the image data on plates, ordered according to the closed find units. Typology view presents the images in that way, which is needed for working on typology. Typology can be done with Drag 'n Drop. All changes in the typology structure are immediately brought to the "background" database. Co-workers: All data can be seen after the persons who have entered them. Quotes: Here all images are presented after their publications, corresponding to the figures and plates, containing the corresponding images. Date & Time: Sometimes it is necessary to study the data after date and time for the database administrator, to better control and correct the input data of the co-workers. Culture: If one wants to deal with different cultures this is the best possibility to make a standardization of the cultural adherence of the same find complexes, which in publications could be quite different. Sites: If one tries to locate sites on a global map it is necessary to make a standardization of the site names. In different publications similar or also quite different names could have been used for the same site. To make standardization this view mode is best qualified. The number of views can be easily extended.<8Updater for Serion Suite+Editor for Image Database Montelius UniCodeD20146Statistical Programm Package for Archaeologists 64 Bit multiple Files. Files can be selected with Windows Explorer and dropped on programm. Either a simple replace function with program or copy file list to editor programm, where a more complicated replacement is possible, then return changes list to programm and perform rename.oRapid input program for entering the images cut out from the scanned plates together with a minimal information dataset for every image/object. With this input program images are entered into a tree structure, which also is used for the complex view below. About 60 objects can be entered per hour by a trained person on the average. Description of features is done by using implemented and changeable thesauri. With MonteliusEntry about 700.000 images from European Pre- and Protohistory have already been entered by about 60 archaeologists, students and volunteers. MonteliusEntry is the input program into image database Montelius and co-operates with an image editing program. By avoiding redundancy in data collection, the images are positioned in the correct place in the image database and the data for it is stored in an appropriate Excel/Access database. In the latest version, it is possible that all the necessary fields such as site and also quote are entered in Unicode. This allows the use of all Eastern European special characters (also entries in Cyrillic or even Chinese etc. are possible). Download a recent version.HarrisASeveral Functions for queries with Image Database Montelius 64Bit Description Coordinates ProductNameUpdater for Serion Suite 64 Bit Theodolithe data to DXFz %U) *+ ),a -J "0Z071u2[6E7}AFccB   dMbP?_*+%,&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?M\\PRAEHIST00\Canon Generic PCL#߁ 4dXA4CanonCanon Generic PCL6 Driverddd      d d d d dd    dd@@d  d  d dd d"eddd      !"#$%&'()*d"    @  !"#$%&'()*+,-d.d/d0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJd     d !"#d!dddd!      d dd    d     dAdC8 @ 4 <2h 1 4 <2h 1A^Xdd Arial\CNZSRGBA.ICC\CNZSRGBA.ICC\CNZSRGBA.ICCVERTRAULICHVERTRAULICHHArialStandardeinstellungenX  " dXX333333?333333?& U } no}  o} =o} no}  o} n o} nu}  o} %o} no} p} q} n o} $ X(  ] ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z ,Z , , ,Z ,Z dC b< _l [T jL f6 rr \L id gB m, nn d l1 c9 V^ l kZ aX s1 ^Z e. h@@v@  w9Z?  Y l1 c9 V\ l kZ aX s1 ^Z e. hP@v@  w?  Y l c9 VN l( kO aX t ^O e. h@@v@  w ?  Y l c9 VR l( kO aX t ^O e. hP@v@  w^cnt?  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