The “making of”


All publications of 1979-2005 were scanned, if an article fac-simile was not stored in the computer.  The scans were then read in by means of the OCR software FineReader 7.0 and converted into WinWord files.[1]  Works in press are submitted in the momentary WinWord format.  From WinWord the transformation was done by means of Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 into pdf files, which are made accessible then from the tables of contents over hyperlinks. 


The articles are presented with a year designation with letters, e.g. 1997a, which hyperlinks directly to the appropriate work in the pdf format.  The first year after the authors indicates, when the work appeared, the second, when it was written.  In the sequence of the authors the scientific quotation is used, i.e. first the author, the other co-authors in alphabetical order.  If it deviates from that order, the secondary author is a corresponding author.  Publications in the Internet are not on the CD-ROM, only the URL, under which the texts are reachable.  Theses (diploma and dissertations) were not scanned. 


[1] The fact that reading errors can occur is sure, many became corrected, with security some remained.