Curriculum Vitae


of OR Lektor Privatdozent Mag.rer.nat. Dipl.Ing. DDr. Peter Stadler


I was born on October 1953 in Mödling. After 4 classes elementary school I visited the scientific High School in Mödling, Franz Keim lane 3 and passed there the maturity examination with honour on 8th June 1971.


In the winter semester 1972/73 I began the study of technical chemistry at the faculty for natural sciences of the technical university in Vienna. With the second diploma examination I finished the study one term faster than provided at March 1977. From March 1977 I was active as Dissertant at the Institut of Biochemical Technology and Microbiology of the Technical University in Vienna. At the same time I began the study of the Pre- and Protohistory as well as the teaching profession for chemistry, mathematics and physics.


The doctorate study of technical chemistry I finished at June 1980 with the graduation to the doctor of technical chemistry.


I terminated the teaching profession study to 2.2.1983 with the Sponsion.


From 15.3.1982 to 31.8.1984 I was employed as teacher for chemistry, mathematics and physics at the BG and BRG Mödling, Keimgasse as well as Mödling Untere Bachgasse and at the HBLA Biedermannsdorf.


Since 1.9.1984 I am employed in the Museum of Natural History, Department of Prehistory, with the emphasis on EDP and mathematics in the Pre- and Protohistory, as well as preparation chemistry. 1990 I was pragmatized and appointed as Rat, 1994 as Oberrat.


My thesis in the domain Pre- and Protohistory with the topic "The Seriation of Avar belt sets" was judged by Professor Friesinger and Professor Vynek. At 24.6.1986 I finished this study with a graduation sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae.


Since summer semester 1986 I hold for the two courses of studies Pre- and Protohistory and classical

archaeology lectureship with the title "Introduction to the quantitative methods in the archaeology" at the University of Vienna. Starting from 1992 I regarded also an "introduction to the EDP for archaeologists. In the SS term 1995/1996 I was entrusted with an "introduction to the quantitative methods in the archaeology" for the students of classical archaeology in Innsbruck. From these lectureships already several scientific work of students came out, among them some theses (diploma and dissertations), which I care for. In addition I cared for the quantitative evaluations of several theses in the Egyptology with Prof. Bietak. In the winter semester 1998/99 I was entrusted with the "introduction to the Internet use for archaeologists at the University of Vienna”.


In Eastern Europe I held several seminars, thus in Ljubljana and Kraków, over the quantitative methods in the archaeology. 1991 and 1992 I was a guest professor for at the archaeological Institut of the University of I˛ewsk, Russia. There I gave lecture and a practical exercise for the use of computers in the archaeology.


Since 1989 I lead the excavations of the Department of Prehistory in Brunn am Gebirge, Flur Wolfholz and could organize fund raising so far altogether of about 800.000 Euro.


In November 2004 my Habilitation with the topic "Quantitative studies for the archaeology of Avars I" at the University of Vienna was accepted unanimously by the commission and I received the Venia as Privatdozent for (the whole field of) Pre- and Protohistory (without any restrictions). This book appeared in August 2005 printed as Volume 60 of  “Mitteilungen der Prähistorischen Kommission” of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.