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Cooperations with Image Database Montelius

Help with your co-operation

If you are archaeologist and have access to archaeological libraries, you can scan publications and enter them afterwards with MonteliusEntry into our image Database Montelius.

But before doing so you should contact me,  Peter.Stadler@univie.ac.at,  to know if the publication you want to enter has not already been done, partially or completely.

If you send me the input, you also will get access to parts of our image database, for evaluation with WinSerion. You will also get our support for this usage.

If you are a volunteer, Vienna or at least near Vienna based, and you have a computer - not too old - and like to work with it at home, you can visit me in my office, see below, after making an appointment Peter.Stadler@univie.ac.at. There you will be trained in a workshop. Then you can select among a bunch of already scanned works in many different European languages. We will give you the scans and also the publications, to finish the work within several weeks. Afterwards you bring the results together with the original publications back to my office (to get new work there and so on...).








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