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Support WinSerion and Image Database Montelius

Developing software in this dimension is a time-consuming venture. But the work on such a huge image database, which in near future shall contain every find piece ever published in archaeology (of Europe), is a more tedious project. There are two possibilities how you can join: 

Make a Donation

Please make a donation if you enjoy using our software and believe in the importance of what the Montelius project is working to accomplish.

We offer currently only two ways to make a donation to the Montelius project:

Donations are tax deductible, if you transfer to the official account of the Museum of Natural History, Vollrecht, Vienna;

Account name: Naturhistorisches Museum, Vollrecht. Account number with the Bank Austria-Creditanstalt bank association BLZ 11000, BA-CA account # 09434018900 Intended purpose: Project Image Database Montelius (Doz. DDr. Peter Stadler)  and inform me by an email to Peter.Stadler@univie.ac.at

If tax deduction is not important for you: Transfer to our account with the bank Austria Creditanstalt  BLZ 11000;  Account name: Dipl.Ing. Dr.Peter Stadler, project account. Account number  with the Bank Austria-Creditanstalt bank association BA-CA: account # 10605715105
Intended purpose: Project Image database Montelius.

The money will be used for paying students doing input in our Image database Montelius.







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